A Wholistic Approach to Healthcare


Identifying your goals for treatment is very important.  You will need to fill out an Intake Form to develop a current assessment of your present state of health before beginning BodyTalk treatments.  At each session, Katherine will ask you to qualify where you are now so you can watch your progress and identify new objectives for each time we spend together. You may be surprised how quickly your health improves and that your definition for that health expands to achieve a life beyond your initial expectations that is now within your reach.

The treatments are all non-invasive.  Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable - comfort is the key.  All you will need to do during the treatment is relax on a couch noticing and sharing the images, thoughts and feelings that move through your body, mind and consciousness as the healing process takes place on all levels.

Katherine will begin each session by first establishing communication with your body's innate wisdom using a biofeedback technique similar to muscle testing.  She will hold your wrist lightly and establish a yes/no muscular response from your body.   Then, with light focus on your conscious objectives, she will allow your body to express its needs for the session as well.  She will then  locate a set of points in the body, brain, mind, and/or environment that need to be linked together in a different way to restore a more natural, healthy balance. She will explain the links with enough detail to bring them into focus and to help you understand them.

She then lightly taps on the top of your head to highlight to the brain that there is a change needed in the areas identified. This causes the brain to re-evaluate your body’s state of health and sends a message to the body to go and correct it. She then taps on your sternum, stimulating the heart to send messages through the circulatory system and through electromagnetic waves that there is a new way of functioning and to lock the change in the body’s cellular memory.

Sessions typically last 60 min.  Your body will determine the length and frequency of sessions.

After the treatment you will often feel much clearer, relaxed and rested. However, there may be further processing that follows the sessions.  If emotions come up, it is best to acknowledge them and allow them to fully run their course and release. 

In summary Katherine will:

  • Assess your physical condition
  • Relax your mind and body
  • Setup communication for your mind/body/brain
  • Identify the formula needed to get them back into balance
  • Shift your energy to release the tension
  • Re-balance your mind and body to function at new frequencies
  • Improve your health at a deep level

Healing begins when you make a commitment to yourself and setup your first appointment.  Call Katherine at (513) 886-1910 or email:

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